Family Roles in Worship & Bible Class

This example came from Elisa Barazza.

What we have done for Sunday worship when we were all home on Sunday’s is Orlando would do our service.

  • Prayer
  • A couple of hymns
  • A short sermon
  • Jordan would help pass out the Lord’s supper, and a closing prayer.
  • Jazz and I would help before hand to pick the hymns we liked.

As far as bible classes for the kids, same format as bible class at church.

  • We do a prayer
  • I pick a Bible story
  • We read it from the childrens bible.
  • I ask some questions and they give their thoughts.
  • They re-tell it in their own words
  • Do a craft/s (coloring page, draw their own, paint something related to subject) and
  • Sing some songs related or just their favorites

Just some ideas! We can do this, one day at a time!!!

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